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Fleet Hub vehicle GPS tracking system

Empower your fleet with precision and peace of mind. Our Vehicle Tracking System ensures efficiency, control, and optimal performance.


Fleet Hub IOT offers real time GPS vehicle tracking solution. Our GPS tracking software enables you to track accurate location and movement of your commercial vehicles, bikes & trucks at an affordable price.


We enable Machine-to-Machine and Enterprise Mobility solutions and platform to power the Internet of Things (IoT).


Huge volumes of data is analyzed every second to provide enterprises with intelligent analytics.


We help enterprises with planning and distribution of resources, automate routing and dispatch to save cost.

100% Ownership

With our system, you now have complete visibility into the whereabouts of your vehicles, ensuring their safety and optimizing operational efficiency


Whether protecting newly licensed teens and elderly loved ones, or improving employee safety and fleet management, utilizing an advanced vehicle tracking system should always be a top priority.

Real-Time Tracking & Emergency Response.

GPS tracking provides useful data and analytics about commercial fleets, and has similar use for personal vehicles. Satellites capture geopositioning data on real-time locations.

  • Accurate real-time location tracking: A vehicle tracking system equipped with real-time tracking provides accurate and up-to-date information about the vehicle's location.
  • Geo-fencing and boundary monitoring: Real-time tracking enables the implementation of geo-fencing, which allows users to set virtual boundaries or geographically defined areas.
  • Live speed monitoring and alerts: Real-time tracking systems provide live speed monitoring of vehicles.

Productivity & Safety Monitoring.

Time is money for commercial fleet managers—especially when customers are waiting for important goods and services. Therefore, productivity monitoring is a critical feature, and up-to-the-moment tracking is a necessity.

With environmental factors such as bad weather and mechanical problems causing 10 percent of all vehicle accidents, safety monitoring is also a must for personal vehicles.

Route Mapping

Traffic accidents, road construction and closures, and other unforeseen circumstances are out of anyone’s control.

  • A real-time tracking system not only benefits individual drivers but also contributes to improved traffic management on a larger scale.
  • In the event of road closures, accidents, or other disruptions, the real-time tracking system can dynamically generate alternative route suggestions.
  • Over time, the real-time tracking system accumulates a vast amount of data on traffic patterns, road conditions, and user preferences.

Vehicle Maintenance Reminders & Scheduling

Real-time tracking devices such as Fleet Hub IOT Connected Car help protect loved ones and employees, provide vital assistance during emergencies, and ensure your vehicles are well maintained and in top shape.

Whether managing a commercial fleet or personal vehicle, consult reputable service provider General Security to learn about the best GPS and smart vehicle tracking systems for all your needs, and invaluable peace of mind.


Operational Visibility

Internet of things (IoT) enabled GPS devices will provide you instant data and real-time location of vehicles to improve the productivity and efficiency of your fleet operations.


Control Fuel Costs

Fleet Hub IOT vehicle tracking software will allow you to maintain, monitor, and control access to fuel consumption. Real-time information allows fleet managers to monitor the behavior of drivers,


Enhanced Security

Track location with Fleet Hub IOT advanced GPS Tracking System, it comes equipped with safety alerts and panic buttons that use IoT and sensors to protect your inventory and vehicle.


Intuitive Interface

Get accurate records of vehicle usage to prevent breakdowns beforehand and to lower the vehicle maintenance cost. Having a vehicle tracking system will provide you with service reminders.


Intuitive Interface

Our user-friendly and intuitive interface will provide you a bird’s eye view of the entire fleet. You can get access to historical reports and dashboard summary


Real-Time Issue Resolution

When you have the exact location of fleets with high-accuracy, you will be able to take immediate actions on any issue that arise.


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